7 feb. 2012

Entrevista a ECM por Radio EBM Unidos y Fuertes (Mexico)

Interview: E.C.M. (Spain)

Electronic Body Music, Körpermusik, Electronic Cuerpo Musica....Esto es E.C.M., esto es musica de baile. Esto es E.C.M., esto es musica de guerra. Esto es E.C.M....Come back to Barcelona, E.C.M. is waiting!
(Two versions, the first in English, the second Castilian)


1. Hi guys, at first, can you tell us who is E.C.M.? Your history? 

ECM are Sergio and Aaron. ECM have a short story, started in 2010 to make the album, which we have for direct download (porticoluna.org/mp3/ECM/ECM_electronica_cuerpo_musica_2011.zip). As the album came out in May 2011,we started to distribute on Internet and perform lives. 
Before ECM we had played in a punk band (or something) called Impactacion Fecal.

ECM somos Sergio y Aaron. La historia de ECM es corta, empezamos em 2010 a hacer el disco, que por cierto lo tenemos en descarga directa (porticoluna.org/mp3/ECM/ECM_electronica_cuerpo_musica_2011.zip). En cuanto salio el disco, en Mayo de 2011, lo empezamos a distribuir por internet y a actuar en directo. Antes de ECM habiamos tocado en um grupo de punk (o algo asin) llamado Impactacion Fecal.

2. Your sound is a good representation of the oldschool Ebm, it's sounding sometimes as a coming back to the 80's, it was an evidence to you to call the band E.C.M.?
Yes, it is a clear homage that we make all the scene of the eighties. But basically the only thing we do is "iberificar" all a bit.
Si, es un claro homenage que le hacemos a toda la movida de los ochenta. Pero en el fondo lo unico que hacemos es "iberificarlo" todo un poco.

3. Tell us more about your musical background...and how do you start the project E.C.M?

Our influence music to ECM is DAF, Jager 90, Nitzer Ebb, Sturm Cafe, Kropp, the Valencian makina of nineties, industrial music of Esplendor Geometrico, Geistform or Sociedades en Tetra Brik, folklore, "folkloricas". But really we like trash ........... ...... When dissolved Impactacion Fecal, Sergio had long been hooked on ecnopunk and thanks to Jordi Tech Nomader, also to the ebm. Aaron, in parallel, played with a group more electronic: Qbits (http://qbitsmusica.blogspot.com/). Aaron and Sergio decided to keep trying on the premises of IF, but doing something different music: ECM.
Nuestra influencia musical para hacer ECM es DAF, Jager 90, Nitzer Ebb, Sturm Cafe, Kropp, la makina valenciana de los noventa, la musica industrial de Esplendor Geometrico, Geistform o Sociedades en Tetra Brik, el folclore, las folcloricas. Pero sobretodo nos va la basura........... ......Cuando se disolvió Impactacion Fecal, Sergio llevaba tiempo enganchado al tecnopunk y, gracias a Jordi de Tech Nomader, tambien a la ebm. Aaron, paralelamente, ya tocaba con un grupo mas electronico: QBits (http://qbitsmusica.blogspot.com/). Aaron y Sergio decidieron continuar ensayando en el mismo local de IF, pero haciendo otra musica diferente: ECM.

4. You shared yours productions at the beginning of the last year, you were surprise of the good feedback?

Fuck! if we were surprised, that our second concert was at Charleroi (Belgium), thanks to the people of Le Vecteur (http://www.vecteur.be/) got the disc on internet, they like and invited us to go and play, which for us was an orgasm ... hohoho .....
Joder si nos sorprendio, que nuestro segundo concierto fue en Charleroi (Belgica), gracias a que la gente de Le Vecteur (http://www.vecteur.be/) se bajó el disco de internet, les gusto y nos invitaron a ir a tocar; lo cual para nosotros fue una corrida ...hohoho.....
5. How do you work to produce music? What inspire you?

Sergio and Aaron are two times a week (if the grace of the Holy Trinity and Tobago allows us to do):
1. To practice (voice, mp3, drums, beer and joints)
2. To compose and construct (computer, synthesizer, joints and beer)
With all this we going to our engineer home Albel, that leaves everything to us as a baby's bottom.
We are inspired by Isabel Pantoja and Raphael, La Moreneta and Chtulú, wild asparagus and rovellones, the cyberterrorism and Dada, cunnilingus and comunismus, trash cinema and Tv shopping ..... what else you want?
Sergio y Aaron quedan dos veces por semana (si la Gracia de la Santisima Trinidad y Tobago noslo permite):
1. Para Ensayar (voz, mp3, bateria, cervezas y porros)
2. Para componer y construir (ordenador, sintetizador, porros y cervezas)
Con todo esto vamos a casa de nuestro ingeniero Albel que nos lo deja todo como el culito de un bebe. Nos inspira Isabel Pantoja y Raphael, la Moreneta y Chtulú, los esparragos trigueros y el níscalo, el cyberterrorismo y el dadaísmo, El cunilingus y el comunismus, el cine trash y la teletienda..... que mas quereis?

6. Peoples are waiting, have you some news tracks?

Calm, quiet guys our second album is in an advanced stage with hits like Estomper, Morenos or Tu Musica Apesta. You will have a sample in the Apocalypse Before Stomping Vol.1.
Tranquilos, tranquilos chicos que el segundo disco esta en proceso avanzado, con hits como Estomper, Morenos o Tu Musica Apesta. Una muestra la tendreis en el Stomping Before Apocalypse Vol.1.
7. Some collaborations are planning for the future?

We have not any collaboration with anyone, but we like to talk to our colleagues Electrophobia, Tech Nomader, Hipercarga ... all arrived.
Aun no hemos hecho ninguna colaboracion con nadie, pero nos gustaria hablarlo con nuestros colegas de Electrophobia, Tech Nomader, Hipercarga... todo llegara.
8. What do you think about this compilation?

His ass, then there, fetén, of pearls, helluva, putting candles pa the whole earth.
De puta madre, ahí ahí, fetén, de perlas, cojonudo, metiendo candela PA la tierra entera.
9. Many concerts given in 2011, how begin 2012 for you?

We started in June 2011 on the birthday of some hookers and have since played about 6 times. For 2012 we have scheduled another 5. Normally we always played with Electrophobia and with Frente Sónico Futurista's people (http://lainvasioncifi.blogspot.com/)
Empezamos en Junio de 2011 en el cumpleaños de unas fulanas y desde entonces hemos tocado unas 6 veces más. Para 2012 tenemos programados otros 5. Normalmente siempre hemos tocado com Electrophobia y con la gente del Frente Sónico Futurista (http://lainvasioncifi.blogspot.com/)
10. Your last cd bought? and your first?

Sergio: The last El Ataque de la Basura Radioactiva and the first one cassette of the Bom Bom Chip
Aaron: Top piracy and data traffic.
Sergio: El ultimo El Ataque de la Basura Radioactiva y el primero uma cinta de los Bom Bom Chip
Aaron: Arriba lapirateria y el trafico de datos.
11. One word you like?

"Chocho" and "Ojete" have a phonetic that like us, but "Fruta" and "Musguito" does not fall short
"Chocho" y "Ojete" tienen una fonetica que nos sulibeya, aunque "Fruta" y "Musguito" no se quedan cortas

12. One word you dislike?

"Cuidado la madera" we do not like it.
"Cuidado la madera" no nos gusta nada.

13. One beer to bring in a desert island?

Sergio: Cervesa Artesanal del Montseny
Aaron: Xibeca
14. A last word for ours readers?

Hey, you laugh a lot, right?!
Oye, que os riais mucho, vale?!
You can download the album Electronica Cuerpo Muscia for free at:

Interview by Cedric for Radio Ebm Unidos y Fuertes, the 05.02.2012.
E.C.M. on Stomping Before Apocalypse Vol.1 on Bandcamp the 24.2.2012, stay tuned!

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